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Once Upon A Time…

As all fairy tales start…there was a little princess born into the world, with beautiful black hair, dark, yet brilliant eyes, and a smile that was contagious… so contagious that no one could not smile back.  She was born into a world, where while a princess, she had no kingdom and while she had no kingdom he did have dreams, she was born with dreams like all little princesses, and one day she would fulfill those dreams.

She began to grow up and explore her world, and with her physical growth, her mind grew, and as her mind grew, her heart blossomed, and as her heart blossomed her soul brightened, and as her soul brightened… she glowed; A radiant, bright glow, like the sun that brightened the universe… not all could see it, for some people in the world, it was just a glimmer, for others it was a feeling of happiness, and still there were those that would do whatever they could to possess the magic, control the magic, or worse… snuff it out forever.  Some people just suck, even in fairy tales.  See, not all people can share the joy of others, some people are either to broken, to evil, or just to damn stupid, and with so few people being born in the world ‘evil’ then as all fairy tales go, this fairy tale had broken dumbass people.  And like all princesses who have so much beauty and wonder in their souls, these broken, dumbass, boneheads, targeted the princess.  Why? Because, she was loving, happy, faithful and trusting, because she was a good person…from before she was born , from the day her soul was conceived, and…. Well, as these kinds of stories go, this princess with no kingdom, endured some hardships that took a small pieces of her… but she never stopped glowing, and she continued to have faith…and as all fairy tales go… she fell in love, despite those that would hurt this most beautiful creature.

The man, or should we call him a boy, because he certainly wasn’t a man yet;  The boy she fell in love with, he was a prince of a kingdom he was building, a crooked kingdom but his first kingdom none the less…and the boy fell in love with the princess…little did the princess know that she would save the boy… that comes later in the story, as all fairy tales go.  And they loved eachother because the boy could see her real glow, and she could see he was good in his heart, and they both knew that they were the rightful one’s for eachother…it wasn’t a childish love, because as fairy tales go, there is no infatuation, puppy love, or doubt…the two were meant to be together, and they had true love.

Unfortunately, the boy, much like the princess, endured hardships at so young an age, but unlike the princess who held onto her unshakable faith, his faith was broken… not gone, just broken and he was damaged and blinded by his own broken views…and he was smart in many things, but a complete dumbass when it came to true love and knowing what he had… so like all broken dumbasses, who can’t see the forest through the trees… he left the princess.

Well… the princess was so in love with the boy, that she was broken, and because this fairy tale takes place in the real world, she was pretty damn broken…and as all tragedy goes during fairy tales go, she did things to hurt herself…and these things would shape her life… see the boy didn’t understand what she would feel when you break true loves heart… but he knew what he felt…and like the princess he too followed a path of pain.  He was lost, and still very much in love with her…but he was a real dumbass, as dumbasses go.

Both would lead very similar lives, both would try and build kingdoms, but these kingdoms would never stay built. See, the problem they had was that they were both born for one another and that is something their simple minds couldn’t comprehend, which is often the case… both tried in some way to control their lives, but their lives were not theirs to control alone in matters of true love, especially a love that was meant to be.   So the princess went through life trying hard to find that love she only had with the boy, and he did the same. They both built their own lands, the princess built Unicorn Land and the boy built Planet Lucifer.

Unicorn Land was beautiful, it was where the princess hid her faith, and her dreams, and her desire for true love.  Planet Lucifer was dark, a wasteland, a place where the prince buried each little piece of what goodness was left in him.  But despite how beautiful Unicorn Land was, the princess continued to hurt herself, she tried so hard to find love…in people,  in stuff , in accomplishments, food, travel, even lust…but it was never quite right…something was always missing, but she knew not what. Save the boy, whom she locked away inside, and the princess buried the boy so deep in Unicorn Land, that she forgot he was there but she remembered the love they shared and she searched for it elsewhere, but as fairy tales go, things were never quite right… see what the princess didn’t know was the law of the universe it knows nothing of right and wrong…only positive and negative force, it knows only what is supposed to be for each of us and the princess may have forgotten the boy, but never the love they had…and in the universe, you get what is right for you. The universe knew that the love she longed for was the one the boy had for her.

The boy didn’t know the rules either… and he made all the same dumb choices she made…he hurt people though and grew darker and faithless and while he never forgot the princess, he was never brave enough to go back and get her…see while he learned never to fear even the most fiercest of foes, he always feared his lost princess would never forgive his stupidity, and he would lose her forever…so he built walls around the little light he kept for his princess and he too tried to find her in everyone and everything else…but the universe knew better.

As all fairy tales go, the two had their broken kingdoms, and as everyone knows to have even a broken kingdom you have to start somewhere and accomplish something, despite all else. And as everyone knows if you have a half an apple, and another half an apple comes along you may have a whole apple…see, these two star born lovers had to find one another for this fairy tale to have a happy ending… but why even tell that, because we all know that its going to happen… what is missing is how brave, strong, intelligent the princess was through her journey. How all she accomplished was amazing and how even in her darkest moment when the kingdom of Unicorn Land would die as she was ready to close its gates…she held on to that shred of hope and faith and let the universe finally guide her to her lost love.

And as all fairy tales go, the brave knight saves the princess… but this isn’t really like all fairy tales… because in this fairy tale, the princess is the one who saves the boy, who became the dark knight.

There is a lot to be grateful for in both their lives, these two wayward, lost souls worked hard and even as their kingdoms fell down they accomplished so much, and that is something both of them should be proud of, and like those accomplishments, the princess should be proud she saved the boy… because he was turning dark, evil, and just plain bad, the boy had turned into the dark knight and let the monster consume him, except for that little flame he held on to, and when he found her, the flame burst to it’s brightest, but it wasn’t until the princess found the love she tucked away and forgot about, until she remembered him, and knew he was the love she longed for…and it wasn’t until she let it out, did she bathed the boys soul in her glow once more, and helped him find his way back home.

Now our fairy tale can begin…

Once upon a time, a long lost love was found and the rightful king and queen came to build a kingdom…


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