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A “True Love” Story

A fairy tale often starts with “Once Upon A Time”….and that would be appropo if this were a fairy tale, but it is a true story that was written in the stars at some point and time in it’s history…so this story would be a more historical account (in part, saving the meat for the movie or book that I’ll ask Nicholas Sparks to write), of my life…and not my whole life story, but the part where I never stopped loving the my first love.

I am going to give you tidbits of the past, mixed in with the thoughts of now, and hopefully leave you with aching hearts and rekindled feelings for you and that person you love today…I also hope that you will look out skyward to our night orb and speak words of devotion and passion, to your one true love, whomever ¬†and where ever they may be; and like me, engrave words of ever lasting love on the face of the moon.

E. Vincent

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