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MIEV Art is the official website of photographer, Monyka I. and artist, E. Vincent, where you will find both the individual works of each artist as well as collaborative works, spanning almost two decades of genre and subject matter.

Monyka I. and E. Vincent met 25 years ago and reconnected after 22 years apart, rekindling a lost romance, and reigniting not only a passion for one another, but a passion for one another’s work, which is represented here, and shows the evolution of skill, style, and passion for their crafts.

The mediums in which both artists work also span years, from traditional methods and techniques to the modern technology and techniques of the 21st century.  Both, having seen and been part of  an evolving and ever changing world, from the advent of the Walkman, VCRs, through the Dot Com Boom, the closing of CBGBs and the evolution of the iPOD, both artists bring experience to their art and a passion of living through some of the most incredible moments of the last 30 years.

You are invited to look at the world through the eyes and talents of these artists and join them on their continued journey through their artistic perspectives of the 21st century.

Monyka I. is available for various photographic work in Landscapes, Cityscapes, Architectural, Nature and Travel photography.  Or if you are interested in one of her existing photographs for purchase as a photo print (not found in our shoppe) please use  our contact form.

E. Vincent is available for various painting and graphic commissions, interior and exterior commercial mural work, as well as custom painting on items such as musical instruments, cases, unique items, and other surfaces.  If you would like a print of one of the paintings on the site, or would like to inquire about purchasing the original please use our contact form.

Both artists are available for on or off site work, both individually and as a collaborative team for something truly unique.

Thank you

Monyka and E.

“Those who know how to use and master the traditional tools and mediums of their craft, will be the Rembrandts of the apocalypse.” ~ E. Vincent


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