On The Roof Tops

Someone asked Mony what had she done outside her box this past year which got her thinking exactly what it was she would have done outside of her comfort zone over the last year and compelled her to make a list.  She noted that she would have never got in costume for the NY Renascence Faire nor would she have ever got into zombie gear for the Asbury Park Zombie Walk, and I’m sure there are a few other things she is going to add to that list.  Well it got me thinking… Yep, I know “O Jeez, E. is thinking, here comes another long winded blog”…

We all look to ‘spice’ up our love lives and most times we focus on the sex part… spicing it up in the bedroom, but how many times d

o we really spice it up in life?  Mony calls them mini-adventures, things we would not normally do, or places we never thought to go.  Now I know when her friend asked what she’d done outside the box going to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery would not qualify… alone… but being there in the pitch black of night?  Yeah, that’s outside the box. This made me think about all the things we did that were our normal pleasures… museums, walks, beach, bars… and made me think about how everyone has these normal pleasures and seems to consider those as the good quality time and living it up a little… face it, if you’re not out every week having cocktails with your lover and getting a little buzzed, then maybe to you, having a few risky drinks is outside your box… but it’s not if you do in some form of regular fashion… even if it’s once per quarter.

So here are some suggestions, one’s I am sure Mony will read and think about (if not raise an eyebrow and think ‘WTF is he thinking?!”) and instead of just keeping them between her and I, I thought it best to share.

1) Sex on a roof top in the city on a hot summer night (DAMN, I was trying to avoid the sex stuff)
2) Go ghost hunting in an old mental institution
3) Go cage diving with great whites (While this is a dream of mine, it’s certainly out of the box for Mony)
4) Have a food fight… a big family picnic style food fight where you have no choice but to get hosed down
5) Hunt for Bigfoot (I don’t know, it seems apropos for outside of the box)
6) Drive Cross Country with nothing but the clothes on our backs (That’s out of the box for me because of responsibility and the fact that I can’t stand wearing dirty clothes)
7) Dress up like superheroes and attend a comic-con (I always thought it was waaaaay to over the top and I would never do it… but for out of the box?  Spandex here I come)
8) Be a stripper for a day (I’m no Chippendale bod kind of guy, but what the hell… wasn’t there a movie about some average guys who took to stripping?)
9) Participate in a 5 or 10k zombie run (Mony isn’t into running, so she can be the zombie, me, I want to get back to it so I’ll be the survivor… do they allow survivors to carry machetes?)

That’s all I can come up with at the moment, but if you have any ideas, please share them in the comments section and share this post on your Facebook, Twitter or Google 1 accounts and invite your friends to post their suggestions.

Thanks for reading, maybe we can all do some more spicing up in our lives along with spicing up our sex lives… all we got to do is give eachother ideas.
E. Vincent


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