Negativity Infects

Sometimes it isn’t easy to stay up when your partner, your lover, your best friend is down… way down and only going lower, even if you’re charged (by promise or integrity) with keeping them positive, sometimes it isn’t easy.  And… Sometimes there’s blow back you didn’t expect.

There was a moment there when Mony was down, real fucking down… UGH!  and I tried, I really really tried but after weeks of trying it started to pull on me, frustrate me and I suddenly found myself in a pretty down space too.  So now what do you think happens, two people down, miserable and not very happy only results at them being at each other’s throats.  It’s tough enough to try and get one of you out of a funk sometimes, but both of you?  All is well that ends well, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to find some lesson in that moment, and I did.  As silly as it may sound I was reminded that the cliche’ ‘ Misery Breeds Company” is a cliche’ for a reason… that very reason.

You have to really not let empathy get the better of you with your partner in those tough moments, sure a miserable person can’t stand when the other person is ‘all positive and junk’ and they can be insulting and hurtful, but hey the fact is they’re just pissed off at you because you refuse to be a miserable fuck like them, so they want you to feel as crappy as they think they feel and when it comes to your lover, well that’s an even bigger slap in the face when all you are trying to do is help… but that means that when you’re the one that’s miserable, you need to think about what you’re doing before you hurt the very person that’s trying to keep you up, help you through and put your feet back under you.  Truth is we all fall down, fact is we all get back up, and there aren’t any bad times without good ones.  What you have to do is remember that, remember that your partner, friend, lover is there to help you… and for you partners, yes, it’s okay to be a punching bag once in a while, just remind your lover that it isn’t okay for them to beat on you all willy-nilly and for shits and giggles.  In fact when one of you is down, just remember the old cliche’ “Misery Breeds Company” it’s like a disease.

An emotional disease, misery is like cancer that can infect and ultimately kill a relationship if left to grow and fester.  So as Mony once said to me, “As long as there is one person in a relationship still trying then there is hope.”  I believe that can be true for the most part… and maybe one day it will become a classic cliche’

I wrote this blog today because as you readers know, I follow the series by Rhonda Byrne called THE SECRET, and today’s message was:

If you are complaining, the law of attraction will powerfully bring into your life more situations for you to complain about. If you are listening to someone else complain and focusing on that, sympathizing with them, agreeing with them, in that moment, you are attracting more complaining situations to yourself!

It just reminds me that misery does breed company.

One of you must always stay up and be the beacon for the other, even though it can sting sometimes, that’s okay, you’ve been through far worse if you put it in perspective.

Thanks for Reading
E. Vincent


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