The Meaning of Christmas

I’m going to diverge from the love talk here, so if you’re  looking for another “Monyka Christmas” post… go  back and read the  old one, this is my  rant at the way  the holidays have been bent, twisted,  vilified and just politically  masticated by the self righteous, selfish, self entitled attention seeking assholes who make a ‘CHRISTMAS’ tree a ‘RELIGIOUS ICON’!

So now I have to say ‘happy holidays’ for fear of offending a Jew, or alienating a Muslim?  Since when?  Since some poor little crybaby was not represented at his or her office party because of what?   A menorah,  A office  christmas tree?  Since when did  privately held or publicly held businesses have to cater to the heartbreak of a fucking employee?  If you work for me, you’re  there to  work… not bitch about my office…MY COMPANY…the  one I FUCKING OWN,  holiday decorations!  Where does all this political pandering come from?  Seriously,  at what point does someone  honestly feel  offended by a sidewalk Santa ringing a bell for charity?  How about this you whiny pansy… how about you put your selfish feelings aside  and throw a dime in the CHARITY POT!  Or maybe, if you’re offended because good ole’ St.  Nick is a Christian icon,  how about you dress up as Buddha and stand there and VOLUNTEER your time to help the poor?   Did that ever cross your  over sensitive  mind?

We’ve raised generations of pussies…yep, I said it, you are a whiny, selfish, little minded person if you can’t see the reason for the season, and forget the  reason being Jesus Christ because Hannukah is a celebration as well and so is Kwanza, and Rhammadan, Chinese New Year, and any other holiday from any  culture.  It just so happens that in  a country  that was built on Christian values, founded by settlers of  Christian  faith, Christmas is so prevelent and steeped in  the countries heritage, so Christmas just happens to be the primary holiday.  The reason for the holidays from all faiths and cultures  is to celebrate life, to  celebrate giving, to appreciate all you have and is yet to come… at it’s core all the holidays are celebrating something wonderful, something heart felt,  a sacrifice and the appreciation for the sacrifice, everyone needs to back off of “Oh, I’m not represented at the office, my turtle god isn’t part of the holiday.”  Why make it something it  doesn’t need to be, why  be offended, can’t you be thankful  this time of year for the job you have, for  the roof over your head?  So  what if your neighbor wants to put a big menorah  on their lawn…I’m sure  you ugly  ass uncle Bert sat his hairy, bloated, wrinkly  ass on your front stoop  and was a horror to look  at as he sat their with his buffalo wings and beer…. did your Menorah neighbor cop a bitch at you for your ‘family icon’?  Do you get the ridiculousness of it all?

Just because it’s a holiday?  Really, because I’ve seen some pieces of art that could be considered pretty damn  offensive out  front of buildings… like downtown where right in front of the Silverstein building there is this balloon sculpture that looks like either  a penis or an  ass depending on  where you stand… is anyone offended?  I’m not, it’s ugly art but to someone it’s beautiful… a Christmas tree is beautiful and isn’t a Christmas tree if decorated for Presidents day…what the hell is the difference.  How come you self righteous, politically correct pansies can’t just be appreciative of all  t he  various cultures who  celebrate and give thanks… who cares if the  deity you pray to  is called Jehovah or Allah… you’re all still praying for the same damn things, peace, happiness, health, you’re all still giving thanks…and if  you don’t pray to an  icon, how about you non-religious muttonheads be appreciative of the beautiful colours and the cultural diversity…why  can you appreciate the culture in a museum but have to sue your boss for his desire to celebrate his/her holiday in the business they built… don’t want to have a christmas tree or menorah in  your office… then go start your own damn  company!

I’m tired of the over sensitivity  we’ve bred in the generations, it’s only been 30 years since I was a  starry eyed kid in wonder of the beauty of the holiday season, and it’s only been 25 years or so that I’ve found the  beauty in the various cultures and their celebrations, but in t he last 15 years,  I’ve seen the beauty  of the season, the reason for the  season attacked over and over again by people who have feel entitled, who are self righteous, or who are  over sensitive … oh, and who have  an agenda,  turn the beauty of the season into their own  political bullhorn.

So the  next time you want to piss on  someone’s christmas tree or kick over their buddha… how about you pause and take that same energy  and be grateful,  go volunteer your time to your culture,  faith or  tradition and appreciate the amazing diversity of the world we live in…

Merry Christmas!

E. Vincent


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Artist, Entrepreneur. Designer, Painter, Muralist, Illustrator, Writer. Business Analyst and Developer, Photography Caddy, Father, Lover, Fighter, Friend. INDESTRUCTIBLE, UNSTOPPABLE, INSEPARABLE, A Child of Destiny. Lover of Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Degas, Monet, Varga, Huerta, Royo, Adams, Swan, Lee, Warhol, Clarke, Bradbury, Serling and many other masters of the creative universe View all posts by E. Vincent

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