The Walking Dead and other Cool Shows

For a change of pace I wanted to share with you readers some of the shows Mony and I watch, as a couple.  Some of you might think television time is an unproductive way to spend your  evening, others might think it’s not quality time, but I think it’s a great way to wind down from being productive as well as spend a little time wrapped up in your lover’s arms… or maybe munchin on some popcorn.

Mony and I don’t have all the same tastes, she watches things like Grey’s Anatomy and  I watch things like Finding Bigfoot, she likes The Office and I prefer Ghost Hunters, she likes Nurse Jackie, I’d rather watch How It’s Made… so you see, we don’t have the ‘perfect couple’ ground as some might think, in fact Mony (while she liked my first manuscript) was a bit disappointed that there was no real hot romance scene in the book…Phhht! Girls!

Anyway, what do we watch as a couple?  Well  of course there’s AMC’s  The Walking Dead which is based on a comic  book series, I believe put out by Image Comics.  If you are not a zombie fan this show isn’t for you, however if you are (and who hasn’t heard of this series) it is a great watch.  It centers on ex Sheriff Rick Grimes and his struggle to keep himself, family and other survivors alive during the zombie epidemic… seems like a boring show for some, but I assure you it is far more than just zombie bashing, it’s a real dive into the psyche of Rick and how a catastrophic event can change a person, unlike some survival shows where the  hero always takes the hero turn, Rick makes some less than heroic choices.  What makes this a good couples show is the creep and jump factor, so turn out the lights and get close because watching The Walking Dead with your baby might get her (or him) to just move in a little closer.  After the show stay tuned for the 30 minute live review The Talking Dead… The Walking Dead aires on AMC, Sunday at 9pm.

Another great survival show I introduced Mony to was TNT’s Falling Skies, starring Noah Wyle [sp?].  This show centers on the 5th Mass which is a mix of survivors and military who are trying to  survive an alien invasion.  The show starts off in the first season after the invasion has taken place and the group has banded together as a survivor/military unit.  It’s a heroic survival show with the heroes facing the classic victories and defeats, but it is very well done and keeps you coming back for more.  As sci fi stories go, this is  one that I ended up liking because it wasn’t strictly sci fi, it was a survival genre, sci fi genre, military genre and classic drama; it incorporated the best of aliens vs. humans without focusing all the  story on the special effects and alien technology and… while the heroes are more often the heroes, it added tons and tons of human element much like Walking Dead, but without as much Hard Core.  Falling Skies is a Summer Season Series so you’re going to have to check out the website at  I’m not sure how this one became a couples show for us, but it did…so check it out.

If you’re into gladiators, abs and scantly clad men shedding blood you do not want to tune in for the final season of Spartacus.   What started out as a mini series evolved into a story that took historical information and built on it.  From the first mini series that was nothing more than 6 episodes of blood, to the first official season which was blood, sex and antiquated cursing to a second season that started to really develop into a story, Spartacus brings a great visual to a classic piece of Ancient History.  Don’t watch the third season without watching all the other seasons.  We ended up watching this because it was just fun and crazy but as the writers developed the characters we became hooked on who these people were and tuned in religiously because we were rooting for them.

Of course if you haven’t watched True Blood, then you’re not a vampire fan…Mony and  I love vampires…Nuff Said.

Then we have American Horror Story….Season one was awesome and the detail to the writing was great, the story was well told and woven with enough mystery that we had to watch each episode.  The show played out like a theatrical film and there was little for us to do but tune in for more.  With the second season already a few episodes in, American Horror Story: Asylum, we’re sitting with jaw dropped at how the story has developed and like the first season we’re tuning in for more…And if Jessica Lange’s performance in Season One was great, so far in Season Two she blows the screen up …. She better get an award for her acting in this one!

Holy Shit, if you’re into Good Bad Guys then you need to be watching Sons of Anarchy on FX…Seriously if you’ve watched that crap show about mob guys who kept diaries and saw shrinks, Sons of  Anarchy is a far superior criminal element show…Kurt Sutter has woven a great web of characters without bullshit and pointless twists and turns, it’s a clean show visually and verbally and makes you wish you had a Harley and were covered in awesome tats!

That’s the few for now, I’ll bring you more of our top picks in another filler blog…but sit down with your lover and tune in to one of these if  you need something new.

Thanks for reading

E. Vincent


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