An Amazing Woman

How many really macho men read my blog?  Let me define “Macho”…

So manly that the hairs on their chests drip testosterone…and they are so concerned with what other “Macho” men will think if they actually took a minute to really let down their Alpha Male shield to speak immeasurable praise of the woman they love, that they never actually do it with the ‘boys’…Macho God forbid.  I’m talking about the kind of guys that have to stare you down for no reason just to make sure that you know they’re real men, you know the kind that if they could would sniff the leg of the restaurant table and whip out their junk just to piss on it…it’s a territory thing.  Those kinds of macho guys.  The one’s who are afraid to say “I love you” to their woman in public and let a tear run free if something actually touches their testosterone flooded hearts…you know the type.  So how many of you Ultra Magnum Alpha Machismo insecure guys really read my blog…None of you because you’re not a pansy!

Well, I’m not a super alpha machismo guy, I’m a self confident, high self esteem, practically indestructible, modern day renaissance man that knows damn well what an amazing woman loves me, and I’m not to proud to tell anyone and challenge any one to that fact. I can’t stand being around a bunch of the boys listening to them bitch about their women, how about shutting the fuck up and sing a little praise for her, after all; just like some of their annoying habits, we have our own.  I honestly can’t tell you when the last time I heard in the last 20 years how great someone’s wife was…I can guess that maybe in the last 20 years I can name 3 people who are consistently praising their women…think  about that…20 years, I have met plenty of men in the last 20 years, so 3 had to be a pathetic number.

Why?  Why is it so hard for ‘real men’ to really give credit where credit is due?  Okay, well maybe when I was 20 I wasn’t so brilliant or loving, I mean I was 20, I still didn’t know how to find my ass with a mirror and a map, let alone be super secure in my manlyness…so even if I narrow it down to the last decade, what is it…still 3 men who speak highly of their loves?  Still pretty damn pathetic.  See maybe if more men could see all the good they might have with the woman they claim to be their true love, then maybe they would have less conflict…of course I’ve blabbed about communication, but along with communication; appreciation is integral to a good relationship.

Mony said to me today that pitting a 20 year old and a 40 year old with the same problem would yield different results, and I’ve tried hard to impart on my children that I am wise, I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, or 20 years ago and 10 years from now I’ll be wiser as well…Mony is right; hence the saying “If I only knew then what I know now”…it’s true, with age comes wisdom and it is these older people that we need to learn from…hence the reason you dumb ass 20 somethingers need to read this blog regularly…Not all relationships have to be dictated on some dumb ass friend’s opinions, just so you don’t feel like an outcast.  If at my age I knew back in 1989 what I know today, I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would have married Mony and went through the trials and tribulations with her as opposed to the life I led…and she is the only thing in my life I am able to say that about.  Why?  Because if I knew then what I know now!

We are who we are at our core…if you are a tough guy and hide your kindness behind an air of apathy, you will never truly be able to hide it forever and your facade may be your undoing…because your kindness that you hide might be missed by that most amazing woman…that one woman who feels your core but just can’t get it because you’re to damn busy being a macho asshole.  Trust me, been there, done that.  I hide my core when I broke up with Mony back in my teen years, afraid to let someone else take control from me and my decisions; I had issues due to 16 years of various abuse, so regardless of how much I loved Mony, when I was told that I would be marrying her…I got scared someone was once again trying to control me, and immediately put up the defensive posture, hiding my love for her behind my issues and defensive mechanisms… what did it get me?  More than 2 decades of regret and remorse, more than 2 decades of mistake after mistake…and even if Mony didn’t reciprocate my love today, I would still love her and remain in love with her because I know better now…why do I know better now?  Because, at her core she is an amazing woman and I am a lot wiser than I was, and even if she didn’t love me, I at would at least know that I had been given the chance to tell her the truth and about how she affected me and my life all those years.

So what’s the point…what’s all the words have to do with an Amazing Woman?  Well…it’s wisdom…letting you macho dudes, you young guys, you lost boys in on a little secret…lose the bullshit fronts, march to the beat of your own drum, be you – the you at your core and do not be afraid to appreciate, cherish and love that person you’re with, tell your macho, drama queen friends that baggin on your old lady isn’t your thing, and if they don’t like it ‘fuck’em’, because if life has taught me one thing that is absolute, it is that you don’t need negative people messing with your relationships… and you’ll always find people who are like minded.

Okay, so maybe the point is all over the place, but hey, I got a lot of things to say…so take from it what you will and go appreciate that amazing partner of yours, I appreciate my amazing woman and Mony, Thank you for loving me.



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