Going Home

In 2 Days…Count’em: One, Two!  I’ll be leaving my home here to go to my home there…where is there?  Glad you asked.  There is to Mony, 3000 miles from here (give or take).  That’s right, on the other side of the continent, pretty effin crazy, right?

How you may ask is an LDR going to survive 3000 miles?  You know, I can’t say that I know how other people do it, I can’t even say that I know the secret to making it last, I have no idea what truly works for people, but what I do know is I want it to work and somehow Mony and I are making it work.  Does that mean we are successful in an LDR…I have no idea, what constitutes the ‘success’ title, but I know what is working for us, and part of what’s working for us is; we are communicating.

Not just talking about what bothers us, or what we want, but listening, hearing and doing our best to remember  things that we say or want…and it really doesn’t stop there, it’s also because we know what was wrong with other relationships in our lives, so we are doing our best to avoid those similar circumstances.  For example, one thing I always wanted was when an argument to occur, there would be no insults or childish reactions that just made things worse.  Mony and I communicate our wants. But I’ve blabbed about this a dozen times already, and it isn’t the only thing that holds this LDR together, but communication skills are the basis of everything we’re doing.

Time holds it together, making sure we’re giving that time to one another, including a  day when we are committed to one another all day, Date Day.  Cams are on all day, phone is going, we’re talking, sometimes just sitting in silence, playing games, have a little dirty talk, talking a little future talk and just doing little things together…but that in and of itself isn’t what holds us together.

The magic thing that holds us together is true love.  Yes, some of you out there would probably say “True love alone isn’t going to cut  it” and you’d be right, you need to work at it a little, however, if you in fact are with the love of your life, then love knows no distance, no time, no space, no dollar amount, no town name or holiday, it doesn’t know children, doctors appointments or friends…it only knows you and your perfect other.  Sure, you can love someone and never be with them…ever hear those tales of people who are lost in love for someone and that someone just never knows….That’s where communication and work come in…

Okay so in two days, I’ll  be going from my home here…to my home there…yes, my home…why, because home is where the heart is, and my heart is in her hand…always has been.

Two days…



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