LDR Moments…

One of the hardest things an LDR couple faces is when one of us is sad, hurting, miserable, depressed or any other negative emotional feeling…there’s an easier time helping your significant other when it is a problem like friends, or bills, or some social drama…even kids, but when it is an emotional state of being, brought on by whatever…memories, regrets, bad cheese, it’s hard to sit on the other end of the phone or camera and hear that nothing you can say or do lifts them.

Mony’s feeling down, the why isn’t important at the moment, we’ll get to that, but today was no different than yesterday, she’s depressed, and working through my own emotional circumstances, doesn’t make it easy to remain upbeat and positive, despite the desire to not be sucked into a space of doubt and sadness…well…guess what?  I called Mony today, and fact is that her sadness incited the feelings I am already coping with and the end result was this afternoon’s call made me feel like I did something wrong to her…this might be what a lot of LDR couples go through when so far apart and completely different emotional circumstances collide…

How do you cope?  Here’s what I decided to do…I know that I didn’t do anything wrong, I truly know it, and I know she did nothing wrong…it’s just bad timing and there is a way to not end up in conflict, and that is to make the first step at consciously not getting caught up in all the ancillary bullshit and remember that it is just an emotional moment having nothing to do with anything either party did…next is to step back and walk away for a minute, and finally, rethink the approach and be the first one to make the other smile…

So I put my situation in my pocket…step one complete, I backed off, step two done…now how to make my baby (and me) smile…

Well, feeling as if I did something wrong to her and knowing I didn’t I can only guess at what I might have done that I didn’t know I did…so I went to the bathroom and gave my self a man style pedicure…I figure she’s upset at my ugly toes, so I sanded and buffed them, shaved the Hobbit hair off and lotioned them up…I hope that solves that problem.  Advice, do not use a belt sander!

But I’m still not sure what else it might be…so I went to the bedroom and wrote myself a post it note so I wouldn’t forget not to fart in my sleep…that’s going to be a tough one since I have a tough time controlling bodily functions while sleeping, but if there’s a will there’s a way.  I like chili, I guess I have to remove that from my menu choices…FUCK!

Now, with those two possibilities taken care of, I wondered if there was something else, so I looked around and wondered if there was something on my face…DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING MUCH IT HURTS TO PLUCK NOSE HAIRS!!!!!?

Now I think there has to be something else I did wrong…My HAIR!…I HAVEN’T ANY!!!  OMG, when we first met I had hair!!! Shit…I ordered the Rogain, but until that gets here, I’m trying to find the cat, she’s hiding from me…It might not be black hair, but hey, I’m in my forties, a little salt and pepper touched with some tan won’t look to bad, at least temporarily.

Okay, I think I have it all covered… No, wait…there has to be something else… But What?

Maybe it’s my breath…Hmmm, I brush my teeth…I eat healthy food, what the hell is wrong with my breath?  Wait, the label on the cat treats says cleans teeth and freshens breath.  Hey, it’s for my baby…I’m not sure it tastes like chicken, but it certainly is something to consider eating when the zombie apocalypse happens, but I don’t recommend it as regular tooth care.

Okay, I think I covered everything and while writing this blog since hanging up with my baby, to avoid letting my feelings get the better of me, she has called and IM’d me, and told me she really needs me right now…so I hope she gets a little laugh out of this, and I hope as you all exist in an LDR situation you might be able to get a little something from this as well.

My PENIS…THAT’s IT!!!!…I figured it out!!!




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