A Nicholas Sparks’ Novel

You know the name, Nicholas Sparks, an author with an incredible knack for telling a good love story…so much so that his books are picked up for film on a regular basis…and we’re not talking TV Movie of the week stuff, I mean big time theatrical release, the whole package.  Titles like The Horse Whisperer, Message In A  Bottle, and mine and Mony’s favourite…The Notebook, grace our book shelves, and theater screens on a regular basis and make us all long for that true love, that spark that just doesn’t go away, that love that can’t be denied…we all long for that passion and undying commitment…those feelings; Woman long for the undying, forever proud love that seems like it was still the first month of roses and poems, Men long for those eyes staring at them and those passionate kisses that say you’re the only man for me.   What if every person woke up living the love he writes so well, what if you were that couple that found true, unmitigated, unconditional love…the kind of love where your significant other could say, ‘Even when we fight, I am happy, because it’s you I’m fighting with.”

Let’s see…let me do this in an educated manner and list all the couples I know that you could still see the love and passion in their eyes for one another…

My Aunt and Uncle

That’s it.  out of all the couples I know and I would  say about 50 between those that are together and toxic, those that are together and you don’t know if they love each other, those together that are together for the kids, those together that settled, and those no longer together, yes, 50 is a very reasonable and conservative number…so 1 out of every 25 couples I know are a Nicholas Sparks couple…the kind of couple that the love is true, strong and it is still the honeymoon stage even after 25 years together.  This is why Nicholas Sparks writes his stories, because every 24 couples..that’s 48 people,  are probably longing for their true love in some way…Mony and I are of the 1  of 24…I believe this, and I believe that my numbers are far lower than reality.   As Mony put it in a conversation with me once…”If they didn’t trade the four goats and mule for their daughter back in ancient times, and let their daughter find true love, maybe then we would have all found our true loves and the world would be a better place.”

Shows like the bachelor and the bachelorette are prime examples of how desperate people are to find that feeling, but not only find it, hold on to it, not only hold on to it…but feel it in every fiber of their body, down to their DNA…see when you find it that it is beyond your soul, your heart, your mind and goes deeper than your core…it eminates, screams from ever atom of your body…you know…you know it just as a mother tiger knows to protect her young…it is instinct, it is genetic memory, it is destiny, it is magic…it is the way you were designed…designed to find your perfect mate, perfect on every level for you and only you…born in the heavens where souls are born…and marked at that birth with your perfect mate…it is science, nature and fantasy…it is everything that is right.

See, when you can feel it in your DNA, and ever day is a better day with someone, and every day you love that someone more than yesterday and even when they are just there…minding their own business, doing their thing, you stare..you sneak a quick look and are happy they are there…and every day even if it is the same thing every day, you are happy to be doing that same thing with that same person every same day…you don’t need Nicholas Sparks to write a fictional tale… I am living that with Mony…I can listen to her breath some times, and sometimes I am aching to hear her voice…I want to be a better person because she brings out the best in me, and she enriches my life.  And while she won’t write blogs testifying her feelings, feeling the same way, she lets me know every day…She and I are writing our own Nicholas Sparks Novel…we are living it, and our story is not fiction, it is magic come to life.

When my children are gone they will create their own life, as they start doing the minute they begin to learn the world around them…Mony will be there long after them.  When parents have set us free and began living their lives so we children can live, ours, Mony will be there…when work has come and gone, clients have been forgotten and friends have moved along their  paths, Mony will be there…just like I will be for her.  This is why in a Nicholas Sparks’ novel the story is about true love, because that person is the only person that will be there when all else is gone, and if you are living a life of toxicity, question, doubt, co-dependency…if you are putting off your true love for your parents, children, work, friends…then you lose.  All the money in the world might buy you nice things, it might even buy you a night of love, but it will never buy you a true love…the true love you think you have with the gold digger that showed up after you have it, they’ll be gone when the money runs out.  Your job will fire you one day and you’ll be a dusty old plaque in some garbage can somewhere,….but your true love will share your hurt and support you and urge you forward.  Your kids will make their own way, their own rules and decide if anything you taught them or did for them or sacrificed for them is worth it or has value,…but you Nicholas Sparks character will be the only character in your story to be there to watch those kids make you proud.

I want all of you to find your true love if you already haven’t…and if you aren’t waking up every morning, grateful for that person next to you…then maybe you either forgot who they were or are not with the right person, but think about it…because I want each and ever person out there to find their Nicholas Spark’s character and be able to write their own Nicholas Spark’s Novel.  Mony and I are doing it.. .and it’s amazing.




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