UPDATED: Art Fakes Times Square

UPDATE: As of yesterday and today… 2 and 3 days after the event, Mony and I received emails from Artists Wanted, apologizing for the screw up of the incorrectly sent VIP after party passes. Really? They sent us the wrong names? Well, first off, this proves they haven’t got their shit together by sending us a form letter apologizing and telling us in a very nice way that due to the overwhelming success of their mad monster party, that it wasn’t their fault. Second, this form letter further proves their lack of organization because my incorrectly addressed pass was corrected the day I received it because I bitched. I guess my point is that while on the surface this may havw been a noble effort to support the arts, it turned out to be a combination of a clusterfuck and a scam… resulting in at leas half of all who entered feeling very much… Effed!
Additionally…Mony and I felt it was important to reach out and support the all the artists and photographers that felt they were scammed…so please, post your links to  your art and photography sites here FRIENDS OF MIEVArt on our official MIEV Art website.  And here on In Love With Mony, at this blog post here > Thanks Artists
I now return you to the original blog…

Mony and I both entered the ARTISTS WANTED: Art Takes Times Square competition, which seemed, (after much speculation) it would be worth the $50 just for the exposure.  The exposure that was hyped as “Taking Over” in one advertisement, exposed to thousands of art lovers was the idea in another advertisement, your art in Times Square for the premium fee and an invite to the After Party… Okay, the first thing Mony said was true as far as I was concerned…FACEBOOK FRIENDS could vote their asses off and if one crayon crafting toddler had 6000 friends, guess who might just get “COLLECTED” a couple thousand times?  But I countered, it’s exposure babe…even if it’s Facebook, The Artists Wanted crew would be exposing all the artists on their facebook pages (Assumption number one…I assumed wrong…guess who the ass is).

Okay, of course “Your Art on Billboards” was enticing, and even if it was for only a couple of seconds, hey…10 pieces, 20 seconds with your name in lights!  There are actors, models and criminals who work a lifetime for 20 seconds for exposure in the center of the universe!!!  So, I convince Mony, let’s do it!  And we do it.  What  A Clusterfuck!

First, the website “ARTISTS WANTED” is poorly designed, shit to navigate and really doesn’t have a whole lot of ‘come hither’ appeal…and ,you need to either join or sign in with Facebook to ‘collect’ an artist.  There isn’t even an APP FOR THAT!!!.  Okay, so time for some exposure.  I’m all for self promoting, we have a website (Mony & I http://www.mievart.com ), we have our Facebook page, Twitter, Klout, and just about ever other social networking site we feel has merit.  We tweet most of the time, check in on Foursquare, and of course here is my blog about how much I love Mony…so I am all for whoring the web to let you know we’re here.  But I thought that Artist Wanted was going to expose us?  Instead, we get links to self promote and then one lousy TWITTER BOMB schedule…  Oh, and the kindergarten crayola genius with the  6000 friends…He’s already got 500 collecteds before I even signed on!!!

Okay, so we have plenty of other things to do other than just promote ARTISTS WANTED website…because basically we’re paying them to give us a shit webpage so we can promote ourselves…I have a website for that and we’re members of DEVIANT, SINGULAR CREATION, and ART WANTED…we can enter contests there and have members vote for us, why the hell did I convince her to buy into this…Oh, that’s right, EXPOSURE!!!  Guess what, I don’t have time to advertise their website so I got collected by 8, 9, 10 friends if that.  But oh, did I tweet ARTISTS WANTED…yes I did!  Hmmmm, 35000 artists of all ilk paid either $25 or $50 to get in on this hype-a-rama fest and ARTISTS WANTED got paid for us to advertise them…that is fucking genius!!!

But it doesn’t end there…they are taking over TIMES SQUARE!!!  And today on June 18th, they blasted every premium  paid entrant’s art on billboards all over The Crossroads of the Universe!!!…Oh wait, they didn’t put the art on billboards, they instead set up 2, or 3 LCD panel screens and set up in the middle of the Square…where passer bys (who were paying attention because there is so little going on in NYC), got a glimpse of some splashes of colour flashed on this little 9 x 12 BIIIIILLLLLLBOARRRRDD! I mean LCD Screens…ask any advertising exec what a true billboard is and let’s see if 9 x 12 portable LCD screens qualifies as billboards in Times Square.  But it doesn’t end there…they are going to broadcast the event on the web…AWESOME!!!

Well they didn’t actually broadcast, what they did was take Times Square 2 and NASDAQ webcams and link them through their pathetic website…that isn’t a broadcast, that is tapping a video feed.  And that didn’t even work.  Okay if nothing else wasn’t false advertising, that certainly was!  But that isn’t the only screw up…they emailed every entrant of when they would be broadcast on the 9 x 12 billboard…or at least one of them…and that sort of sucks for those who are on the road and aren’t connected to their email.  But that doesn’t suck worst of all, a lot of people didn’t receive an email telling them when they would be ‘broadcast’…like ME…I never got an email telling me when I would be broadcast.

What else is wrong, what other complaints are there that I didn’t even mention?  I have been promoting my art for a decade, under my EAX pseudo-name, my Lucifer Lazerus pseudo-name and now under E. Vincent…and I can assure you that this was not exposure…this was a crafty, well thought out marketing plan to make money, and it did…. For Artists Wanted.  But not to take away from the winner, I wish her the best and hope that within this clusterfuck contest, her career soars.  And I hope that every entrant that entered this contest can gain more exposure through this than they ever thought possible…in otherwords, I hope I’m wrong and just a disgruntled artists who feels ripped off.  But to look on the bright side…Mony and me got at least 20 seconds each to be exposed to the world in the the center of the universe.

I have one more contest at Artists Wanted, and now I regret having entered their SELF contest…

What’s your opinion, we’re curious.

E. Vincent


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41 responses to “UPDATED: Art Fakes Times Square

  • E j Carr

    Im with you on this. Very sloppy and on the verge of disrespectful .

  • Eva Cuarse

    I would love to put names to these scammers.

  • pgotangco

    i flew in from Switzerland and i am extremely disappointed! i also entered SELF and i want a refund! clear false advertising…i havent sen my work so ugly because of the very bad pixelized small screen they used….

  • Edie Angelo

    I couldn’t go but friends did and they saw my photos for 3 seconds as the slide show went on. MONDAY? It’s cheaper to rent space on Monday. Wonder how many $25 entry fees they collected and how much money they made.

  • P.R. Kantor

    My wife was also drawn in by the hefty promises of Artists Wanted, and with my encouragement, paid the $25 fee for maximum benefit. Not only did we only see my wife’s art on a screen for less than 5 seconds, but when we attempted to check in to get her wrist band for the VIP Party with Questlove, the turdnugget manning the booth not only copped an immediate attitude, but when my wife made a try to grab a wristband, he physically assaulted her, grabbing her wrists and scratching her. When we attempted, through various means to find someone who actually worked as part of Artists Wanted and not just a hired hand, some self-important rent-a-cop security deputy dipshit actually told us we were kicked out and if we didn’t leave, he would call the real cops on us.

  • amy marie adams

    You did not have to pay to participate in art takes times square, but, you are absolutely right about their website being completely messed up. I even had a very difficult trying to even sign up for this site as did many many people that I sent to the site. Ultimately I did get the 77 collectors which means I did not pay any money whatsoever to have my work displayed. I dont and wont pay to have my work displayed or judged since a lot of supposed legit galleries and such charge money. So I jumped on this opportunity for FREE and even though a lot of problems were encountered and originally I was feeling disappointed about problems with the webcam etc, to me it was worth the effort I put in to gain collectors (even if it is just feeding their mailing list) to have my work exposed in front of so many people….maybe something will come of it and maybe not but nonetheless my art, even if for just a few moments was seen and didnt stay hidden away. You are absolutely right on so many levels but as an artist who wants their work shown to the multitudes, even flawed, I am glad my work was seen.

    • E. Vincent

      Check out singular creation… its a message board type site that hold free members only contests. They don’t have hundreds of thousands of members but they have been around for a while and seem supportive.

  • amycreates

    http://amycreates.wordpress.com/2010/07/24/wanted-my-free-art-stuff-promised-me-by-artistswanted-org/ I think that jaded feeling you have is pretty legitimate. After I wrote this post so long ago, why didn’t I learn my lesson?

  • Debra

    I concur…

    I was considering the Self contest and something told me, naaaaa. And, I am very happy that I did not, after being in Times Square for the 5 second exposure. It wasn’t that great. The screens where horrible and pixilated.

    It was fucking genius on their part and we were the suckers.

    I just think it was extremely deceiving to all of us who entered: they were vague and the words they used where false.

  • Eva Cuarse

    Who are the people behind Artist Wanted? That is what you need to find out! Make them responsible ! ! !

  • zii

    yap its a scam. i just couldn’t imagine how will the scam work out for them, but it seems that it did and artists are by default forgiving so i don’t think that any one will sue them…

  • Johnny

    Why is everyone so surprised by the outcome? Ohh I guess they didnt do their research on artist wanted or has the internet made artists extremely gullible. I paid 25 bucks to have my work shown for a couple of seconds in times square, pretty good deal to me! I thought the show went perfectly in juxtaposition of the shit show of times square. Kudos to artist wanted! I’m guessing the people complaining wont be doing art in two years and will have moved onto the next trend.

    • E. Vincent

      All artists are responsible to do their due diligence like any other person… read the fine print, however the fine print did not inform the entrants of several things… such as broadcast vs. Video feed, such as poor execution, and many other little nuances that would counter their bold statements in their advertising. We are all responsible for ourselves, however in comparison to other organizations holding events… this was a poorly executed clusterfuck… risk is one thing for anyone to take, the bad operations of artists wanted is not an acceptable risk and it is the credibility of the organization and their sponsors that have a responsibility to the paying customers for failed services beyond the fine print.

  • Olivia

    The images of the artist’s work lasted for 10 seconds each, but when it came to my place in the alphabet, all of a sudden it switched to three seconds because the MC had to give his loudspeaker scream to all the artists who participated, etc. I was told that my image would be up between 7 and 7:30. My two trooper friends and I were waiting cameras ready and then we noticed the alphabetical order presentation. I was supposed to register, so I went off to do so with packed lines. One of the staff asked me if I wanted to know what time my work would be up on the screen that wasn’t the 9X12 that was promised. So, I was told it’d be up at 10:25PM. Then to verify my VIP party pass, there was another huge quadruple packed line. I then predicted that it’s be a horrible experience just to get into the VIP party and my friends wouldn’t have been able to get in, so I decided not to go. We found a pizza place to sit and wait for my time on the screen. I’m lucky to have gotten a picture of mine because as I said, as it got close to 10:30, they speeded it up to just three seconds. This is not my first experience with Artists Wanted. But it is my last. The experience of being in Times Square with my dear friends was fun though.

  • Mystic Light Photography

    I never did see my work and from the camera phone pics that someone put up it looked like these Giant (Haha) screens were sandwiched somewhere between a generator and a dumpster…It’s a real shame that these people take such BLATENT advantage of not only myself but tens of thousands of others just trying to get their hard work seen….also while we are on the subject of SCAMS…Just curious, I entered their SELF competition.my mistake!. I get an email from them on 6/5 telling me I’m in 156 collections…1 week later I get another email saying I’m in 196 collection..THEN as we get closer to the deadline and I have paid my $50.00 I get another email saying there has been a Mistake and my work is only in 2 collections..with a DEAD link to their help desk…..I’m thinking a Class action Lawsuit is called for here

    • Martin Nelson

      I agree with you and many others on here and elsewhere about how Artists Wanted is run and how the Art Takes Time Square event was conducted. It was a a great idea, but a complete mess and an even bigger SCAM in the end. Responding to your comment here, I too got an email from them for the SELF competition, saying that I was in like 100 collections, but the next day I was only in 2. The only difference though was mine didn’t say that it was a mistake or anything like that. I know that I will not being participating in any of their scamming events ever again. Unfortunately my website is run through them, trying to find a way to transfer my domain name to a new hosting site. I would love to be done with these people for good, something needs to be done to stop what they are doing. The word needs to get out about how they are taking advantage of artists.

  • Yvonne Turner

    Look on the bright side, we connected with a lot of people, had work shown in Times Square in front of what appeared to be a considerable audience (more than my front room) got a little excited for a short while! I know there were a lot of negatives and I was extremely mad with it all yesterday especially with no live view of it after working my butt off asking for votes..what I sincerely did enjoy was connecting with so many fabulous artists and getting a feel of the wider art world and seeing peoples craft that I would almost never encountered in a million years and for that I’m grateful. Who knows what will come of it. Hopefully we can all put the experience to good use in some way..PS I like the way you write made me laugh..regards and all

  • jessie

    Agree with a lot of what you said… But… a big point not everybody paid to be in shown in Times Square… I certainly didn’t…. i did it with votes… but i was lucky to have supporting friends who shared the link but it was a hard struggle to get votes and to have to hassle people all the time is not nice and i often lost the motivation to do it. A point i would make is… make everyone pay or don’t make anyone pay…. what sort of comp is that?
    positive… met some nice artists and saw some interesting art… nice to see on a grand scale what people are doing out there…
    i also am have regret entering Self too… because i cannot in anyway be bothered to hassle all my friends and family again to get votes again… so we will see where that gets me! ha ha
    good luck and hope it all goes well with your art! :0)

  • nyla

    Hi everyone:
    I live in the South and was not able to fly to NYC b/c I can’t afford to. I was told my art will be shown between 7-7:30pm. I have seen every photos and videos posted and never seen my art. I am disheartened…i am not rich nor do i have any money to throw away and unfortuntely, I did. I feel guilty b/c that $25.00 ii could have purchased milk and cereal for my kids. I think we should all take some kind of action against these crooks! If we all unite, then we have a strong chance of shutting down these criminals acitivities. Does anyone have a good idea on what to do? Any artist’s out there whose relative is a lawyer??
    Thanks for listening.

  • udo

    yes, I saw 1098 attempts logged to vote/”collect me”– I ended up with 140!!! wow. now SELF doesn’t log votes. strange. and not to take away from the winner– but I have seen a piece just like it currently at a museum… bad organization, impossible website and very disappointing. traveling from abroad, having rsvped the day the email and being told event day, no, they can’t honor a guest pass… at this point we remain curious as to what they can do!!

  • Mardi Linane

    This was a huge disappointment all the way around.

  • amy marie adams

    Just one more thing everyone. I am so sorry to say this but if you had read the rules, you would NOT have paid 25 dollars to participate. You had only to have 77 collectors – ok I know that was extremely difficult since their website was atrocious but you did not have to pay to participate.Besides look at all the inspiring art you got to see from artists all over the world and how many of the 7 billion people on the planet have had their art in Times Square even if it was for 10 seconds…+ 10 seconds at a party …that’s only 20 seconds deducted from your 15 minutes of fame 😉

  • zenegg

    Hi There. Worst of all, they cut the work !!! This image has been seen, cut on top and cut at the lower part. http://www.donegaldaily.com/2012/06/11/donegal-artist-to-make-a-show-of-herself-on-times-square/lady-in-black/ you can see this on their 27 min video. Weeeeelll doooooone folks. I’m not the creator of this image (but it’s great, I searched the name after seeing it on their 9×12 eeeenooormous screen…) well i must say, like “yvonne turner” that, after being doubtfull, then mad. I’m now fatalist. Scam are eternal. We have to be wise. But those fancy fellaz are really sneaky and hypefull. Why that ? I wonder. Organizing this event might a hard work but, as you can read on nytimes, they had massive money even before subscriptions. But, anyway, you can see the problems, so small screens and this party ?? Waw, 100 people in a corridor with a DJ ? Big cheap balloons and a naked loon dancing ? + RSVP problems ? What a felony ! Ciao scammers ! We know you now ! We will talk !

  • nerdlypainter

    Firstly, thank you for posting a detailed review of your experiences, and thank you also to the people who’ve posted their experiences in the comments. It can be very difficult to find out which contests and events have been good or bad for artists, and you’re all helping all of us do this.

    I looked at Art Takes Times Square and toyed with the idea of entering, but decided against it. I’m happy for those who had a good time and who’ve found a way to make networking lemonade from the event. Sorry for those who feel ripped off – it seems there are too many “exposure” opportunities out there that don’t really deliver very much that’s useful. Some of them are outright scams, but some may be well-intentioned and not well executed. Hard to say which one this was.

    I’ve noticed a lot of newish contests trying to get artists to drum up votes using social networking. If this beefs up the network connections that help artists get found – great. But this one looked more like a net, channeling artists’ art friends into their sales funnel for that premium maximum advantage fee. And what possible long term benefit would an artist get from either their book or from having their art flashed on a “billboard” at times Square NYC? Say someone just loves that brief flash of eye candy? How easy does the contest make it for them to find the artist? There are better bangs for the buck out there, exposure wise – even if the “buck” is your free labor.

    “Self” also struck me as strange. How can you hold a “Self” focused art contest when the application materials force the artists into tightly defined and molded categories? Maybe they mean well, but yeeesh.

    • E. Vincent

      Thanks for checking in here and keeping this post alive. It’s important for people to see all perspectives to help them make positive choices for themselves, and with the web being what it is now, EVERYWHERE, the myth of ‘if it’s on the net it must be true’ has taken on a more detrimental meaning.

      The old adage of “Starving Artist” is not made easier by those that prey on the hard work of these artists. How much talent is out there that is unestablished, or uneducated, untrained or underexposed? Tons, and it is the salesmen and master marketeers that know how to capitalize on the desperation of these new and old starving artists. Art is like acting…you have to wait tables until you get a break and I can’t agree more with you when it comes to 10 seconds of your art flashed on a small screen in Times Square.

      Thank you for your commentary, and please list where your work can be found, here…

      E. Vincent

    • Edie Miller Angelo (@edieangelo)

      For SURE, they have four new ‘contests’ going now. it’s the same thing with these ‘poetry’ contests. Art $25 an entry and a prize of $1,000 there’s a lot of $$ to be made having contests. The worse the economy gets, the worse the scams are. Have to keep your eyes wide open! About everything. And while you are at it, listen to every YouTube video you can find from three honest commentators who are NOT politicians. Lee Camp, Matt Taiibi and Dylan Ratigan (who is probably in witness protection somewhere). We are getting screwed from all ends!!

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  • Mark Kulaga

    Disappointed ‘See Me’ Artists <— On Facebook. (Formerly Artists Wanted).

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