Letter to Mony in the year 2064

December 31, 2064

Dear Mony,

Well, it’s been 52 years since that fateful day when Destiny finally pushed us back where we belong and it’s been an amazing life to say the least.  I can’t say for sure if I made amends for all the years we were apart, but I can say for sure that the last 52 years with you has clearly proven to me that I had every reason to regret breaking up with you when we were teens.  I know, I know, there’s no way to know for sure if that 22 years apart was there so that we could spend the next 52 years together happier, smarter and wiser…and of course better people, and we could probably tell ourselves a few thousand times that we are better people for that time… but in the end of the day, I still regret those lost years.

But my letter isn’t about regret, it’s about the happiness I have found in this last 5 decades with you and as my years on this planet come to a close, I wanted to make sure you remembered one more time just how much you mean to me, how much all this time has meant to me and how whether or not a good day or bad day happened, I’m thankful it happened with you.

Remember when we finally made it to the summit of Mount Everest, can you believe that we did that?  I know we said we would, but I was thinking more in our early 50s, not mid 60s…and I’m glad we stopped there, I had enough of the cold weather to last me another 50 years, although the sex was pretty damn good…Yes, I’m still a boy under all these years, and the sex was the highlight of the excursion.

Oh, and who could forget when your photos graced the cover of National Geographic, that photo expose on the homeless people of the world was the one that put you on top…see, I told you that you had talent, not to mention how you inspire me…from those photos, I did the homeless new york paintings and landed a MOMA exhibit…thanks baby, those were some great moments.  Probably not as great as the laugh you got out of me when the new virtua-phones were launched…Oh how I was frustrated having some stupid ass ear piece hanging out of my ear as I poked at the air to dial…I believe you were laughing so hard at my frustration that you ended up tripping over the coffee table…good thing the couch was there.

What about the time when we took that trip into space, no not the first launch, but the zero G sex launch…yep, zero gravity sex is pretty interesting.  And what about when we were the oldest couple in the laser tag game…I’m sorry baby, I had no idea we were using real lasers, I didn’t mean to shoot you in your ass like that and leave a scar, and frankly you didn’t need to retaliate and singe off my left nipple.  But it’s all good, those were great moments.

Remember the first argument we had after no arguments for more than 10 years…we started but the argument was abruptly brought to a dead stop because it’d been so long since we fought like that, we had no idea how to do it…but once again, the aftermath sex was pretty hot.  Yes, I know, ‘Such a boy’, but like everything else in our lives we have always been compatible in the bedroom.  Speaking of which, what about the time we decided to try one of those new magna beds…the one that used magnetic energy to make us float in the air while we slept… We looked like a couple of rejects out of a campy 50s sci-fi movie with our metallic pajamas… and waking up to find the almost every metal object in the house floating there with us!!! Good thing we were floating, one of us might have woken up with a knife in our ass cheek.   Face it, even with technology there’s nothing like an old-fashioned mattress.

But as my time draws to a close, I don’t particularly want to reminisce about the events of our life, although when they shot down that UFO over Arizona, I still disagree with you about not being there to photograph it…just sayin.  Anyway, I wanted to tell you that what you brought to the last 53 years of my life has been nothing but joy, happiness, love…and I learned to be a better person, not because you wanted me to be someone else, but because I wanted to be a better person…that’s just how you made me feel.  When we found each other again, the feelings that I once had where I felt I could achieve anything, had returned, and the desire to grab life by the balls and take hold of it, came back to me.  Even in my weakest moments, when my kids were all grown up living their own life and I had felt abandoned, you showed me that they were giving me the greatest gift a father could have…they were showing me they were listening all those years.  When I got sick and didn’t want to be bothered with anyone, you made sure to bother me just enough to put a smile on my miserable face.

You brought balance to my life, a long-lost balance that made it easier for me to accept the big changes and the little ones, like when transporters began delivering our packages…I remember how customer service was so good for all the screw ups in the reconstitution phase…my pant zipper was where my sleeve should have been…my socks were fused to my coffee maker…you put my frustrations to rest and made me see the laughter in those early days of transporters…thankfully we never had to stick our asses in one of those things, I seriously did not want to have to pee from my toe.  But you brought me a balance I long-lost, and for 53 years I’ve grown because of the love you have for me, and the love I have for you.

Time is closing in on my life here, and I’m really not interested in seeing the world pass me by without you, so as I close this letter out, and say good-bye, it is only a good-bye here…because I am coming to the other side, and I will find you there, as I said I would…I know it’s only been a day since you left me, but that is a day too long for me…tonight I say good-bye to this world, and come find you in the next, because there is no reason to be here any longer, and every reason to be there with you.  When next I see you it will be morning, and I’ll be there with you.

I love you Mony.
Yours Forever More, Eternally and Faithfully,


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