Destiny’s Children

When I was a kid I believed in soulmates, Monyka and I told one another we were, we said it, wrote it, believed it…we believed we would were supposed to be together.  Doesn’t ever first love feel like that?  Pretty much, you’re a kid even if you’re 18, you’re lack of life experience is only matched by your lack of…everything!  What do you really know?  What the hell could you possibly know about love?  I’ll tell you…

If we listened to those raw, unadulterated feelings, the world might be a much better place to live in. Why?  Because, as we grow older our innocence becomes warped, our views change, our experiences in life shape and mold much of what we believe and we are acting less and less out of raw nerve, and gut instinct and more and more under the banner of social norms, or our ‘circle’s’ acceptable behavior parameters.  We forget that our base line instincts are what got mankind to survive for thousands of years, and we become wrapped up in the material world far more than we realize.  How many of you are still with your first true love?  How many of you subscribe to “It is what it is”…or “It wasn’t meant to be.”  I mean if you subscribe to these statements and beliefs then you are admitting that some things are beyond your control, therefore, whatever path was laid out in some quasi-pre-ordained fashion for you, you followed.   So you are not beyond believing in a one true love, soulmates, destiny, karma, kismet, fate…you are not beyond believing in the intangible…regardless of your protests in not believing in fairy tales, but the topic of Destiny and Fate is a whole different conversation.

Some of you didn’t find your true love until long after the days of your sorted college career, some of you found it in those first few minutes of 6th grade…and some of you found it some time in  your life at some moment when you least expected it, didn’t believe in it or finally gave in to it…but a good majority of you are not with that person today, and some of you still ache for that love that you could never replace.  Why?  Maybe because we are supposed to be with that person that we fall head over heels in love with to the point that they compliment us, complete us, balance us, are a true partner…that person we can weather any storm with, look beyond their flaws and silliness and find we are comfortable laughing at ourselves with.

There are all kinds of websites and definitions of soul mates,  you’ll have to look them up, but I think one of the easiest ways to explain it is the symbol…YIN and YANG.   The principal of Yin and Yang is Female (Yin), Male (Yang), Dark (Yin), Light (Yang)…and it is believed that Yin and Yang control the harmony in the universe.  Forgetting such a grand scale as the universe, Monyka is the Yin to my Yang, she brings balance and peace into my life and everything seems easier to deal with in life, she, without even knowing it, shows me balance in certain things that I would have otherwise probably popped a cork at…I mean when we were kids, she brought the same sense of peace and harmony to my life as she does some 2o years later… If you add all the various beliefs in soulmates to the principals of Yin and Yang, then you might find that the person you are longing for from long ago, may just be your one true love.  But there’s more…

What if your life was in part pre-destined…what if not everything you did in life was scripted,  but there were key moments in your life that you came to that you needed to be at, that you had to go through in order to move forward.  Think of it like lakes and rivers and oceans.  Water always flows and if you follow the tiniest creek it that water finds it’s way to another body of water, maybe a river, those rivers flow into lakes or oceans…Destiny might be like those lakes or oceans…the path you travel to get there is your own, one of  your own making, much like water finds a way.  But those lakes and oceans are there…you’re not moving them you are moving towards them…Lakes and Oceans are those moments in your life that Destiny has put there for you, and whatever lesson, task or moment you have to address.  And, at that moment, there is a right and wrong choice for you in your life…what happens if you make the wrong choice?  Maybe you have consequences, maybe you eventually have to be there again, maybe your life changes direction and a new pre-destined moment is created.  I am not entirely sure, but what I do believe is that some moments that Destiny puts out there for us, are MUSTS.  WE MUST CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH, RIGHT ANSWER, make THE RIGHT CHOICE.

Monyka and I had to be together, that’s why Destiny had us crossing paths time and again and never connecting, finding eachother and meeting again.  Despite all my longing, wishing and pining…when we even lived in the same town, I didn’t know she was there…when the opportunity arose to find her and she was right there, getting ready to move, I didn’t take the chance…Destiny put us in those places time and again…Those are the MUST moments Destiny put there for us…because we were supposed to be together.

I can write so many plausible, esoteric, philisophical, spiritual scenarios that you may never believe in, but I’m living it…and it’s because I am living it, have lived it, and wouldn’t have believed it unless I actually felt it, that I am sharing it with you here on this blog, and in a story I am drawing called Destiny’s Children.  If you visit the MIEV Art website you’ll find it there, and I say it’s based on a true story…which for some of you, might say it’s bullshit, false advertising, but for me it’s a story from my heart, my soul and it is my true story.  Some of you have your true story, some of you haven’t found it or you’ve lost it…but it’s your true story…Destiny’s Children is mine, and I believe that Monyka and I are Destiny’s Children.  I never stopped loving her no matter what, and some how, regardless of how many times we missed eachother, some how we found one another again, and I couldn’t be more inspired, more content, more alive and more at peace.

Babbling done, Thanks for reading.
E. Vincent


About E. Vincent

Artist, Entrepreneur. Designer, Painter, Muralist, Illustrator, Writer. Business Analyst and Developer, Photography Caddy, Father, Lover, Fighter, Friend. INDESTRUCTIBLE, UNSTOPPABLE, INSEPARABLE, A Child of Destiny. Lover of Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Degas, Monet, Varga, Huerta, Royo, Adams, Swan, Lee, Warhol, Clarke, Bradbury, Serling and many other masters of the creative universe View all posts by E. Vincent

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